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Written by Xalmat   
Saturday, 05 July 2014 13:32

Chronicles of Norrath is your home for Classic Everquest game play. We offer very little customization, just enough to help with the high end content but not enough to remove the challenge. We try our best to keep the nostalgic feel of the original game and still offer the challenge that kept us coming back for more.


  • Content up to GoD
  • Max level of 65
  • Three boxing
  • Scaled high end content, all content doable with a single group
  • Original player starting zones, no tutorial zone
  • No donation system
  • Friendly and active player community
  • No bots, mercs, mq2 or spell scribers
  • Extremely robust server & extremely high up-time
  • Slightly lower than normal XP rate
  • Rotating hotzones
  • Corpse Summoners
  • Dual boxing allowed
  • Login through either EqEmu or private login server
  • Access to all Veteran AAs
  • A fast growing list of Fabled mobs
  • Working boats!
  • Compatible with Titanium, SoF, UF, RoF and RoF2 clients

The next step is to read the server rules, how to connect and getting started guide. Also, please join our forum and introduce yourself.

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Chronicles of Norrath Boating Guide PDF Print E-mail
Written by Xalmat   
Thursday, 08 January 2015 11:11

We have spent tireless hours revamping the original Everquest boating system, that Sony long abandoned. Most of the original boats have been retained, but the Sirens Bane had to be replaced with a different model. Due to how slippery the decks of the boats can get in dangerous waters, a spell will be cast on you during your travels. This spell will help elevate you enough to keep you from falling into the almost certainly infested waters.

The Sirens Bane (Butcherblock)

The Sirens Bane docks in Butcherblock at the long pier, occasional shouts from Glisse Bluesea will let you know when the boat is docking at the pier.The Sirens Bane departs the dock in Butcherblock and sails West into the Ocean of Tears, on a track below the Southern islands. The boat will dock briefly at Sisterhood Isle, home of the Sisters of Erollisi. There is a merchant for people quick enough to sell goods and return to the boat. The boat continues from there on a Western track into Eastern Freeport. The boat will stop briefly and continue on an Easterly track North of the islands and moor at Zachariah Isle aptly named for Zachariah Reigh an NPC that tirelessly keeps watch of the pier. Eventually you will end up back in Butcherblock from the Ocean of Tears.

Captain’s Skiff (Butcherblock)

The Captain’s Skiffs are a set of narrow boats that dock at the Butcherblock pier. The boats have a top and bottom section, evil races have been known to hide as stowaways in the lower section to avoid detection. The Skiffs stay docked here for quite a while, until the Maiden’s Voyage gets close enough for boarding. At that time the skiffs will trek East into Timorous Deep and remain stationed there until the Maiden’s Voyage appears in the distance. Once there the skiffs will dock alongside this massive ship long enough to board it for the trip to Firiona Vie.

Maiden’s Voyage (Timorous)

The Maiden’s Voyage is the largest ship in Everquest, it has been described as a city on water. Beware when boarding the Maiden’s Voyage, the top deck has soft spots where you may sink down into the deck. If you board her from skiffs coming from Butcherblock there will be a short pause before she lowers her sails and heads around the Northern Island, eventually when she turns back South again you will end up in the city of Firiona Vie, which has quite a view coming into her ports, you will catch a glimpse of a beautiful statue of Firiona Vie, the High Elf princess. The Maiden then shortly docks at the Firiona Vie pier before she heads back into Timorous Deep, at her Southern end. From there she stops outside an island and is boarded by an Island Shuttle. The total trip time for the Maiden’s Voyage should be around 18 minutes.

Barrel Barge (Oasis)

The Barrel Barge is a construct of loose planks nailed to oaken barrels to form a rudimentary ship. The barrel barge departs the dock in Oasis of Marr and transports players in the Timorous Deep. Once there it stops at one of the Northern Islands. Be careful while in the Oasis of Marr, many crocodiles are circling in the water and on the shoreline.

The Bloated Belly (Overthere)

The Bloated Belly is indeed a bigger ship than the Barrel barge, constructed from the hull and other pieces of a derelict ship. While the Bloated Belly routes through Timorous Deep it passes a few things that could be considered of interest, one is quite an interesting assortment of destroyed ships forming a mass of wreckage inhabited by local bandits. It also goes by Chessboard Island that is inhabited by Spirocs and Iksar. The bloated belly docks at “Ogre Island” and then heads on through a deep portion of Timorous Deep and then moves into The Overthere.

Sea King (Erudin)

The Sea King travels from Erudin to South Qeynos and offers a way for players starting in Odus to be able to travel to Antonica. At the Erudin Docks you can board a skiff that will take you to The Sea King. After a quick journey from Erudin you will travel to Erud's Crossing and pass through the Northern part of the zone. From there you will journey to Qeynos as the boat docks at the South Qeynos Harbor. Players leaving from Qeynos to Erud's Crossing will stop briefly at the only Island in the zone.

With that being said, to enjoy all of this it is essential to get the new file pack and replace the ones in your EQ directory. This will have the new boating levitation spell file and will update a few models.

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